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At Hilton Head Island Community Church (HHICC), your student's safety and privacy is very important to us. We respect and support the boundaries that you, as parents, have set for your students with regard to receiving texts from our Student Ministry Team. Your answers will automatically update your profile in our system. If you have any questions, please contact our Student Pastor, Todd Cooper.

Here are the specifics:

  • Our HHICC Student Staff and Volunteer Leaders consists of men and women who have completed the following: 1) a background check 2) the SHAPE Assessment 3) an interview with Todd and Sami Cooper  and 40 a completed HHICC leader agreement.
  • CLICK HERE to view our Leader Profiles. Female student leaders will only text females. Male students leaders will only text males. 
  • Our Student Pastor, Todd Cooper, will text all students and parents with general information/communication for the entire ministry.
  • No student will receive any texts from HHICC Student Staff or student leaders past 8:00pm.
  • Our Student leaders have signed a written agreement that they will not delete any texting conversations they have had with students and will send no picture messages of any kind.
  • You may notify us at anytime via email if you choose to opt out of your student receiving texts.
  • This is a one-time form that covers all of your student's time in the middle and high school ministry at Hilton Head Island Community Church.

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