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The Struggle is Real

Come discover how we are stronger in the difficulties we face when we get to know Jesus and live our lives for His purpose.

The Case for Christ

If Christianity is false, it's of ZERO importance. But if it's true, there is nothing more important in the entire universe.

Who Do You Think You Are

Once we understand who we are & what we have in Christ, it will forever impact how we think of ourselves and the decisions we make everyday.

Monday's Coming

Discover four key values that take place THE OTHER SIX DAYS that could radically change the way we view that “Monday’s Coming” each week.


From the life of King Solomon...how he transformed from a knowledgeable King of Israel to becoming known as the wisest man who ever lived.

Follow Me

Becoming a follower of Jesus costs us nothing. However, following Jesus costs everything. Are you ready to follow Jesus?

It's Not Fair

“It’s not Fair.” How many times have we said this? From Jesus's example, we will learn how to respond when life happens TO us.

Life Without a Net

In this series, we will discover how you can make the choice to live a life of faith without "Plan B"and experience Life Without a Net.