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Monday's Coming

The expression, “Monday’s coming!” has been known to bring a little dread or maybe anxiety to our minds from time to time. In this series, we will hear from several different communicators at HHICC. They will share with us four key values that take place THE OTHER SIX DAYS that could radically change the way we view that “Monday’s Coming” each week.

Monday's Coming - Start it Right SERIES Monday's Coming - Start it Right

Pastor Todd wraps our series with the importance of starting your week…

Monday's Coming - Think Small SERIES Monday's Coming - Think Small

This week, our HHICC Women's Groups Leader, Mindy Hopman, talks about the…

Monday's Coming - Be Accountable SERIES Monday's Coming - Be Accountable

Pastor Todd and our Student Pastor, Todd Cooper, share how having spiritual…

Monday's Coming - Get a Plan SERIES Monday's Coming - Get a Plan

Pastor Todd and our Kids Director, Summer Dempster share with us the importance…