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From Heaven Above

This year marks the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation...a movement that splintered the religious world and marked a new dawn for spiritual revival everywhere. How timely for us during this Advent Season to re-examine God’s divine gifts that have come down to us through the birth of Jesus. Each week, we will “unwrap” one of the precious treasures delivered to us through the the birth of the Christ Child and discover the fullness of what God was doing when he sent his Son...from Heaven Above!

Christmas Eve - The Gift of Light SERIES Christmas Eve - The Gift of Light

Join us as we celebrate the Gift of Light - Jesus...the Light of the World…

The Gift of Life SERIES The Gift of Life

Pastor Todd concludes our series with the how the Christ-child gave us…

The Gift of Peace SERIES The Gift of Peace

Pastor Todd continues our Advent series with a look at the different kind…

The Gift of Love SERIES The Gift of Love

Pastor Todd continues our Advent Series with a serious look at God's love…

The Gift of Hope SERIES The Gift of Hope

Pastor Todd begins a new series and unpacks how the arrival of the Christ-child…