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We all have dreams, goals, passions, and desires...and then life happens. Any difficult circumstances, health, relationship issues, or even financial struggles can take us off course and lead us to be very discouraged. How do we stay on track and fulfill God’s plan for our lives? In this series, we look at different people in the Bible who dealt with the very same things. Their stories and YOUR stories will show us how to be STEADFAST and to live everyday with purpose and meaning - the way we were meant to live.

This is Just Too Much SERIES This is Just Too Much

This Palm Sunday, we conclude our Steadfast series with what happens when…

God, Are Your Crazy? SERIES God, Are Your Crazy?

Pastor Todd continues in our series with the story of Abraham from the…

When It Gets Personal SERIES When It Gets Personal

How do we remain steadfast when life’s circumstances are deeply disappointing?…

Critics and Skeptics SERIES Critics and Skeptics

This week, we will talk about CRITICS AND SKEPTICS and Pastor Todd shares…