Hilton  Head  Island  Community  Church

ONE Community

On the 2nd Sunday each month, we collect items for a specific need in our community.

Sunday, MAY 14 - Seahawks Support Circle at Hilton Head Island High School

The Seahawks Support Circle was created by the HHIHS PTSO to provide assistance to students of HHI High School who are struggling due to homelessness, loss of parent or guardian, illness, financial and other crisis issues. HHICC’s donations will stock the Seahawk Pantry - for basic needs of students in emergency situations and will be distributed to help over the summer months.

• laundry soap  •  dishwashing soap  •  gloves  •  sponges  •  kitchen and bathroom cleaners  •  shampoo  •  shampoo for ethnic hair  •  lotion  •  brushes razors and shaving cream  •  q-tips  •  bandaids  •  deodorant • mouthwash  •  floss  •  toothbrushes  •  toothpaste • mac & cheese  •  ramen noodles  •  breakfast bars  •  instant meals • Publix cards  •  Walmart cards 


We are ONE Community and it is our desire to be a church that is integrated into the fabric of our Island. We want to respond to the needs of our church family as well as our community so that we can truly show the love of Jesus to all in our Island community.  Because of this, we are committed to giving 10 percent of all tithes and offerings directly to our Local and Global Outreach partners.

CLICK HERE for a list of our Local Community Partners and their contact information so you can volunteer and serve on your own or with others.

Want to jump in right now? CLICK HERE to fill out an ONLINE Response card.

We encourage those who call HHICC their church home to be serving our Island Community as they go about their daily lives. We strive to participate in large community events and respond to non-profits on the Island that need our help, but we also desire for our church to make serving a part of their everyday lifestyle.