For The Future

For the Future Total - $ 1,250,000

ALL IN - For the Future means increasing our visible presence in the community and planning for the future. 

  • Current mortgage payoff  - When we began, Hilton Head Island Community Church made a commitment to no long term debt. Therefore we are resolute about paying off our current mortgage of 800K and confident that God will honor our efforts. We restructured our new loan with our new purchase of BLDG B so that we are required to pay off our current mortgage by June 2020.

  • Build a Worship Center Lobby  - We recognize the need for a lobby on the front of our Worship Center entrance. This will help with the control of noise, weather, light and will give people a place to talk with each other, more room for Guest Services and generally create a more welcoming entrance for those who visit Hilton Head Island Community Church.

  • Expanded Footprint  - God has blessed us with an amazingly functional campus. With the purchase of BLDG B, this will allow for better visibility on Hwy 278, more accessibility because of a new weekday presence, more functional office space conducive for the growing needs of a growing church complete with community rooms for classes to meet and much needed storage space for our community partners and continued ministry.

  • BLDG B Renovations - Air conditioning repairs, roof, electrical, outdoor paint job, remodeling, some furnishings - there will be a HUGE need for volunteers for indoor painting, flooring, drywall removal and replacement. 

  • Signage, Hardscape, Landscape for our 5 acres, outdoor seating, green space