What is a One Fund?

ALL IN is a two-year, one-fund generosity initiative...

This means that all of our regular giving and all of our special “above and beyond” giving are going to be combined into one unified fund. This One Fund will include everything we are accomplishing today in our general fund to make continuing our MISSION a reality. It also includes FUTURE one-time initiatives like paying off our existing mortgage, building a small lobby on the front of our main building and putting money aside to expand our physical campus here on HHI. Finally it also will accomplish what is needed to have a GLOBAL impact giving away 10% of what comes in to our global and local partners and even helping start a church near San Ignacio, Belize. 

I've been a part of a a Capital Campaign before. How is this different?

You may have been part of church campaigns in the past where you were asked to give a second gift ‘above and beyond’ your usual gifts to complete special projects. At HHICC these have been used to make new buildings and ministries possible. Normally, you gave that gift to the “Building Fund” and you also continued to give to the “General Fund.” This type of giving is potentially confusing to people who either don’t have a baseline for their “usual giving” or who aren’t able to really celebrate the total giving at HHICC in one single number. We believe we’re all on ONE MISSION – to passionately share the message of Jesus Christ and lead people to follow Him.