Serve Day

Prayer Drive for Serve Day 2020

Todd has provided a guided audio prayer drive for us as we serve our community on Sunday.



ONLINE CHURCH FAMILY...not on #hhi? No problem!

Check out below some ideas of how YOU can serve where you are this Sunday.

Boys and Girls Club: Outside Clean Up/Fence Clean Up

Address: 151 Gum Tree Road, Hilton Head Island, SC 29926

Staff Team Leaders: Todd Cullen & Matt Sidell

Project Scope: Cleaning up the fence coming into the facility. Cleaning and trimming areas around the property. Picking up tree limbs that have fallen throughout the property. Planting some fall plants - Boys and Girls Club will supply the plants.

How long can volunteers plan to be there? 2-3 hours

What do we need to bring? rakes, trimmers, clippers, gloves

Antioch Education Center

Address: 7557 W Main St, Ridgeland, SC 29936

Staff Team Leader: Justin Boyter

Project Scope: Organizational Needs and Landscape.

1. Have the leaves and debris removed from the roof.

2. Have a bus unloaded that contains books. They need to be boxed up, by subject and age level and taken to AEC's storage

3. Some raking and removal of leaves, branches and debris from the grounds of AEC. This is a large area: an entire block.

4. Inventorying of AEC's medical supplies and equipment.

5. Clearing out of AEC's eight closets. This will entail the hauling of items to the landfill.

How long can volunteers plan to be there? We will be there till 4:00p but come and work along as long as you can! Lunch is provided for all volunteers.

Coligny Beach Clean-Up

Team Leaders: Corinne Steinbauer, Kris McBride

Location: Meet at the fountains at the entrance to Coligny Beach at 10:00a.

What do we need to bring? Gloves and plastic bags (Walmart, harris teeter) would work, rakes.

How long can volunteers plan to be there? 2 hours

Deep Well

Address: 80 Capital Drive

Staff Leaders: Jesus Barreno and KP Pastorini

Volunteer Leader: Dena Donovan

Project Scope: Wash exterior and wipe down/clean out, sweep the interior of 1 cargo van and 3 box trucks. Recommend having different “stations” to spread out volunteers.  We will have an entire parking lot to work in.  Ideally someone from the group would move the trucks around.

How long can volunteers plan to be there? Length of time will be determined by how many people participate. They recommend having an exterior wash station, an inside cab washing station, and a cargo part of vehicle cleaning station.

What we need: 3 Plastic buckets to suds up the detergent, long-handled scrub brush for truck exterior wash. Deep Well will provide a hose, a broom, a bottle of detergent for washing, and cloth rags for wiping down the inside of the vehicles – seats, dashes, all surfaces – and windex for washing the inside of the windows of the vehicles. 

Here are some great ways you can serve your local community wherever you live!

Neighborhood Cleanup

Pick one day out of the week to go around your neighborhood and pick up trash, debris, or fallen limbs. This may not seem like a lot but small things make a big impact. By picking up trash in your neighborhood you make the neighborhood look nicer and can even create a sense of pride in your community!

Do a Canned Food Drive

Invite members of your neighborhood to donate canned foods and non-perishables. This is something simple you can do and it allows others to participate. You can donate the items to a local shelter or a church in your area.

Donate Clothes

Donating clothes is a good way to serve your community. Take time to go through your clothes and pick out the gently used clothes that you do not wear anymore or maybe that you have grown out of. You can donate those clothes to a local shelter.

Contact your Local Boys and Girls Club

They are always in need of supplies! Ask them what you can donate and consider organizing a time every quarter or every year to collect items from your neighbors or community to donate.

Prayer Walk, Bike or Drive

Whether walking, biking or driving, take some committed time to pray for your community. Pray for the success of local business, your schools, and those in need. Organize a group prayer walk or prayer bike on a beautiful day with friends and neighbors who are also people of faith.