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Current Series - AKA God - Sundays at 9:30 & 11:00a

Names are extremely important. We see in the Bible that a person’s name wasn’t chosen just because it sounded nice. Instead, a name often symbolized a great promise from God on that person’s life, foretold who they would become, or even defined their character. God’s name isn’t limited to God or Jesus or the Holy Spirit. In fact, the Bible lists more than 80 names for God! Throughout this series, we’ll take a deeper look into four of these names and discover more about who God is and how understanding His character can dramatically transform our lives.

Don't miss the HHI Students Pool Party! Friday, June 18 from 6-8:30p at Long Cove Clubhouse. Food provided!

Family Game Night is coming up on June 26th from 5-7p in the Community Center. Games will be provided or bring your favorite family game and spread the joy. Let's have some fun together outside of Sunday morning!

Our June 2nd Sunday partner is the Boys & Girls Club of HHI. Items needed include: sports balls (soccer, football, basketball, kick-balls), bubbles, colorful yarn, sidewalk chalk, Checkers game, Connect 4 game, Operation game, Jinga game, Ping Pong paddles and balls, pool sticks, jump ropes, first aid supplies, construction paper, and AA batteries. Drop off on Sundays or at the Community Center: Monday - Thursday, 9a - 4p & Fridays 9a - 1p.

We are now a mask-optional campus per the Town of HHI. We are asking for everyone to choose kindness and be accepting of those who choose to wear a mask and those who do not. We will have disposable masks available at the Connections Desk in the lobby of the Worship Center and in the lobby of the Community Center. We will continue to practice our Covid cleaning procedures and continue our contract with Belfor Cleaning Services to provide an extra layer of cleaning in our Worship Center during this time.

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