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Because You Asked

by on February 28, 2018

Our ALL IN Generosity Initiative has created such an excitement and desire for those that call HHICC their church home to get more involved and be more informed. Many of you have asked some great questions concerning how we are structured and how we operate as a church...particularly in the area of financial management and facility. For those of you who are new to our church or have not explored this further with our staff, we would like to take this opportunity to answer some of those questions!

HHICC is Staff-led and Elder-protected. This means that the staff makes the day-to-day decisions for the church under the leadership of our Lead Pastor, Todd Cullen. The Elders provide oversight concerning financial matters, staffing, spiritual unity, accountability for the Lead Pastor & Operations Director, and prayer for the staff and church. Our Lead Pastor also serves as an Elder.

Our current Elders are Jim Daniel, Mike Davis, and Rob Minton. Our Treasurer is Laura Levine. Our Elders and Treasurer serve for 3 years and then are required to rotate off for a year before they can be asked to serve again. Our current Elders will nominate possible elder candidates to our Elder Board. Our Operations Director will nominate possible candidates for Treasurer to our Elder Board.

Our Finance Team consists of our Treasurer, Our Bookkeeper - Kathryn Russell (provided by BELAY Bookeeping services - she actually lives in Tampa, FL), our Operations Director - Cynthia Cullen, and our Contributions Coordinator - Kelly Stockwell. We also have volunteers who serve on our Counting Team each week to receive the offering and make deposits.

Our Elders receive weekly and monthly reports from our Bookkeeping service and our Finance Team. Our Treasurer and Operations Director give quarterly reports and recommendations to our Elders on financial management. Our Elders approve our fiscal budget each year. The budget is set and determined by our staff under the leadership and advisement of the Operations Director and the Treasurer. The Operations Director and Treasurer work together to provide accountability and advisement to the staff on spending and management of resources throughout the year. Our Fiscal year is September 1 - August 31.

Click here to download our most updated and current budget.

All members of HHICC receive an annual packet at the end of every fiscal year at our annual member event that gives reports, overviews, and recaps of the previous budget year and planned spending and budgeting for the coming year. This information is available upon request but is only distributed to members of HHICC.

We have two volunteer leaders who assist with our facility and campus needs and work with our staff, volunteers and vendors. Jim Cuppia provides leadership for outdoor projects and landscaping. Ed Callahan provides leadership and management of our Physical Facilities and maintenance. We are so thankful for the time and effort these men give to assist our staff with our HHICC Campus.

If you have any other questions, just email us .

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