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The Beauty of a Sunset

The Beauty of a Sunset

by Kris McBride on October 22, 2020

Have you ever woken up early just to see a sunrise? I confess that I don’t do it very often, but sometimes I feel the need to witness the beginning of a brand, new day. There is something renewing about seeing the first light begin to creep over the horizon. As the sun begins to appear, its light paints a masterpiece across the sky in shades of pink, yellow, and orange. Some sunrises are breath taking as the dark sky transforms into a palette of beautiful colors. It’s a quiet reminder that God is still in control and turns darkness into light. It inspires hope.

Seeing a sunrise always helps to reset my mind especially when I’m going through a difficult time. It helps me to focus on the promise of blessings and not on all the things that are wrong. Starting the day with beauty opens my heart to the prospect that today may be better than yesterday and that God promises his mercies are new every morning. I begin to look for simple pleasures such as the song of a bird, the scent of flowers, or the coolness of a light breeze. These simple pleasures spark joy in my soul. Life my still be hard but there is hope that things will improve.

We can all use a little more hope with as crazy as 2020 has been. People are scared, tired of wearing masks, are missing social interactions, and long for life to be as it was before Covid-19. Some have loss jobs and others have loss loved ones. Everyone needs a little more hope and joy. During one of the darkest seasons in my life the song ‘You’re Beautiful’ by Phil Wickham gave me hope and encouraged me with God’s truth. If you’re struggling, try listening to it while you watch the sun rise or set. It will fill your heart with joy. To help cultivate an overflow of joy and hope in my own life I’ve decided to be intentional about starting each day enjoying nature and God. What inspires hope and joy in you? Is it music, great food, exercise, or walking on the beach? Whatever it is I encourage you to make it part of the rhythm of your morning and I bet you’ll have more hope and joy to share with others.

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