Message Notes

No Strings Attached
Week 1
Expect Nothing
Rev. Todd D. Cullen
September 8, 2019

Luke 14:7-24

How do we learn to expect nothing in return when we love & serve others?

1 - Be aware of loving & serving others based on how it makes you feel.

Question to ask: Do I look for someone to take notice when I love or serve them?

2 - Be cautious of how you love and serve others with regard to how it benefits you.

Question to ask: Do I determine opportunities to love and serve based on the rate of return?

3 - Be bold in loving and serving those who are unlikely to be loved, unlovely to be reached and unable to repay the favor.

Question to ask: What fear is holding me back from loving or serving those around me?

4 - Be honest with yourself about whether or not you truly love people regardless of their response to your actions.

Question to ask: What needs to change in my heart, God, so that I can truly understand how to love and serve people the way you love and serve me?

1 John 4:19

HHICC Mission Statement: Our Mission is to share the Message of Jesus Christ and Lead People to Follow Him.

Bottom Line: The first part of HHICC mission (sharing the Message of Jesus Christ) happens when we love and serve people expecting NOTHING in return.