Our Team

HHICC is Staff-led and Elder-protected. This means that the staff makes the day-to-day decisions for the church under the leadership of our Lead Pastor. The Elders provide oversight concerning financial matters, staffing, spiritual unity, accountability for the Lead Pastor and prayer for the staff and church.  Our Lead Pastor also serves as an Elder. Our Elders serve a term of 3 years and then rotate off. An Elder may be asked to return to the team after taking one year off. Click here to read out Statement of Faith and Qualifications for Elder at HHICC.

Our Stewardship Team is a group of staff and volunteers who advise and serve our church through their unique gifts in the areas of finances and facility management. We have a Treasurer who works with our staff and our outsourced bookkeeping services and Executive Director to give a "second look" to all our financials and to give our team regular reports. We also have volunteers who work with our staff to advise on interior and exterior needs for our entire campus.CLICK HERE to read more about our finances and giving.

It is the role of the staff to raise up volunteers, leaders, and teams to do the work of the ministry in our church and community. Click on an image below to email a staff member or you can call at 843.806.3399.

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