Facility Use at HHICC.

Hilton Head Island Community Church recognizes God's call to meet the needs of our community.  We also recognize that our physical buildings are a God given tool that we are to share with our community.  While it is our goal to have our buildings available for use by staff and community as much as possible, we will be respectful of the time and energy required to coordinate and execute these events with excellence. It is also our expectation that in granting free access to use any space at Hilton Head Island Community Church that the facilities will be returned to the same condition that they were found before entering the facility.

The use of our facilities is at the sole discretion of the HHICC Staff & Leadership noting any use of these facilities that does not align with our beliefs outlined in our Statement of Faith is strictly forbidden. It is our goal to provide usage to as many non-profit organizations as possible. With that said, there are times that we need to decline certain requests in order to accommodate as many of our local partners, nonprofits, and HHICC events as possible.

Here are some examples of events that we will be unable to accommodate:
  • Homeowner Association Meetings 
  • Multi level marketing, services-based seminars , and all for profit events.
  • Private parties ( i.e. - birthday parties, baby showers, graduation parties)
  • Recurring meetings on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.
  • Our kitchen is not commercial-rated. You are more than welcome to use the microwave and refrigerator, but the oven nor the stove top is allowed to be used.  

Once you have read over these guidelines , please proceed to fill out the facility request form below. We will respond to your request within 7 days. Thank you!