Get it Done Generosity Initiative

Let’s Get It Done by the end of 2025!

Watch below as Pastor Todd shares the NEXT BIG THING once we Get IT DONE!
Paying off our mortgage will save HHICC…
  • $ 1,348 per week
  • Over $1,000 per week in interest
  • $ 5,842.26 per month
  • $ 70,107 per year

Do we HAVE to pay it off? 
NO, we could keep a mortgage payment as a line item in our budget.

Is it WISE to pay it off? 
YES, the Bible tells us that the borrower shouldn’t be a slave to the lender.

Should we PAY it off? 
YES, because God is calling HHICC to GET IT DONE!

Paying off our mortgage gives us the freedom to PRIORITIZE our mission with every single dollar given with ZERO  dollars required for interest payments and ZERO dollars as a line item for debt.  Every dollar given is connected to the mission of HHICC to passionately share the Message of Jesus Christ and lead people to follow Him.

Can you imagine our POTENTIAL as a church to be Welcoming * Entrusting * Growing * Loving * Serving * Giving * Sending to our community and beyond?

Let's Dream about all that is POSSIBLE once we GET IT DONE!

Sacrifice will be the Price
God has told us He is not done with HHICC and that means we need to be diligently working to GET IT DONE.  What part will you play? It’s going to take each one of us being committed to GET IT DONE by participating OVER AND ABOVE our tithes and offerings before the end of 2025.