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Current Series

January 2021

Beauty of the Cross 2021

A special Sunday service filled with worship, prayer, and the opportunity to receive Communion as we begin the New Year.

The Arrival

The world waited for Jesus our Messiah to be born and He came exactly as the prophet Daniel foretold. Jesus arrived with the promise that He would bring hope, peace, love and joy to mankind. That is what we celebrate at Christmas! But there is another arrival that we wait patiently to experience...when Jesus returns to earth as King. Join us as we discover what the Bible has to say about His next arrival and how we can be prepared for His coming.

Life in the Mist

Life can sometimes feel like a long journey and then at other times, it may feel very short. Our path in life can sometimes be clearly seen and at other times, unclear like a foggy day. The “Teacher” of Ecclesiastes has much to say on this matter including powerful words of wisdom that we can apply to our lives. We invite you to join us as we take a journey through this book in the Bible and discover life-changing truths that can bring clarity to how we make choices in our lives.

The Answer is YES!

Nobody likes being told “No.” It is an important word that does need to be used at certain times in our lives. But how many times do we say it to just not be bothered or inconvenienced by someone else? Join us we consider what the Bible has to say about how to be “YES” people in serving others and together, we will put it into practice as we serve our community and say YES!

Night of Worship - Sept 2

Join us for an intimate experience of worship, prayer, and encouragement as we focus our hearts and minds on the hope we have in God.

Fear Not...Finding Peace in a Troubled World

We live in a troubled world. Fear, like a weed, can quickly overtake our lives if we allow it. Before we know it, fear has easily replaced peace in our lives. Join us as we discover what the Bible has to say about fear. We will learn about the POWER that is available for us to experience peace and the steps that we can take everyday to live at peace no matter our circumstances.

Community Over Covid

We were never meant to live our lives in isolation. So what now? Join us as Pastor Todd shares about the importance of community & what it looks like moving forward at HHICC.

I Choose Love

It is our choice to love others. God showed His love toward us by sending Jesus. It was not based on our actions, our social situation, or the color of our skin. In this message series, we will expose the truth of why we don’t truly love others the way God loves us and what we can do to be open to the change that must occur within us first as Christ-followers.

A Good Dad

Join us for a special service as we honor our Dads and focus on how God is our Good Father.

Abiding in Christ

Join us as Clint Trebesh, one of our HHICC Global Partners, helps us explore what it truly means to live the surrendered life & Abide in Christ.