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Current Series

Stir it UP

Pastor Todd challenges us to Stir it UP in the New Year and embrace every opportunity to get in community with other Christ-followers at HHICC.


Join as we receive Communion and Worship together.

Church at Home

Pastor Todd shares with us the importance of Biblical Fasting and challenges us to join Him on a 21-day fast as a church from Jan 5-25, 2019.

Great Expectations

We all have expectations we believe should be met in the world and in our lives. But the reality is that life doesn’t always go as we have planned. Throughout this series we will consider where God is when our greatest expectations go unmet.

Come Together

In this age of awareness, it seems we struggle to find unity and at the same time acceptance with our differences. It was not very different for those who came to the New World to find freedom from religious and cultural oppression. In this message series, Pastor Todd challenges us to search our hearts and learn from God’s Word what it means to be fully devoted in our faith but welcoming to everyone around’s time we come together.

Take a Trip to Africa

Pastor Todd and others shares about their recent experience in Africa with our Global Partner, No Hungry Children.

Get in the Game

It’s easy to sit on the sidelines and and talk about being a Christian. However, the Christian life is really about action because we have a living faith in Jesus Christ! Join us as we take a look at what it means to really put our faith in action here at HHICC. Don’t sit this one out...Get in the GAME!

AKA God 2018

Join us as we take a look at some of the many names of God. Discover how each one can be a new or fresh way for you to have a closer look at God’s heart and His character.