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Current Series

I Choose Love

It is our choice to love others. God showed His love toward us by sending Jesus. It was not based on our actions, our social situation, or the color of our skin. In this message series, we will expose the truth of why we don’t truly love others the way God loves us and what we can do to be open to the change that must occur within us first as Christ-followers.

A Good Dad

Join us for a special service as we honor our Dads and focus on how God is our Good Father.

Abiding in Christ

Join us as Clint Trebesh, one of our HHICC Global Partners, helps us explore what it truly means to live the surrendered life & Abide in Christ.

After Effects

What happened after Easter Sunday? Take a journey with us the 40 days after Jesus rose from the dead and we will discover the "after effects" of what Jesus did while He was on earth.


Jesus entered Jerusalem on Passover Sunday surrounded by symbols of royal triumph. But the respect Jesus was given on his entry into Jerusalem was quickly replaced with tragedy as he was led to his death five days later. But it wasn’t over. On Sunday, Jesus had risen from the grave defeating death. Join us for this two-part series as we experience the triumph, tragedy, and transformation of Jesus. If His life could completely TURNAROUND in days, what can God do in your life this Easter?

Losing My Religion

Jesus was disruptive for religious people in his day because he challenged them to move away from rules and look at their heart to define true faith. He left his followers to continue to share this with the world and then a very religious man came on the scene with the intent to stop it. Join us as we take a journey through the life of Saul who became Paul and how Jesus helped him “lose his religion” and find true faith through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.


Tech support makes a lot of money every year advising us that the best way to handle our devices or electrical conveniences when they aren’t working is to simply turn them off and then turn them back on again. Did you know we have been given that same truth from God’s Word? Every morning when we wake up, we have a new day and a new opportunity to begin again. Join us as we begin 2020 and we will discover what the Bible says on how we can RESET key areas of our lives and experience this New Year in a completely new way.

To Me From Me

What could happen if this Christmas we made the decision to not let it be about us? What if we made the choice to do something lavish, generous or sacrificial for someone else that could quite possibly change their life forever? Join us this December as we unpack the stories of four specific people in the Bible who made the choice to not let it be about them. We will learn how their unselfishness made it possible for Jesus to come to this earth and be the Savior of the world.

UNITED:What Happens When the Church Prays

Does prayer really make a difference? Does God actually care what I have to say? In this message series, we will explore what the Bible says about prayer and what happens when we all come together UNITED in our requests and in our pursuit of a deeper, more intimate relationship with God.

No Strings Attached

God created man to have a personal relationship with Him. 1 John 4:19 tells us that we love God because He FIRST loved us. His purpose for humanity has always been to be in a relationship with us which is why He sent His Son, Jesus, to redeem us. His reach toward us and the grace He extends is unlimited. His compassion for us is without end and He will always love His creation regardless of OUR response to Him. Join us for a 4 part message series as we discover how WE can show that same love, compassion, and grace to those around us with no strings attached

The Beauty of the Cross 2019

Join us as we reflect of the Beauty of the Cross and receive Communion. Pastor Todd encourages us to take some time for reflection and identify what in our lives may cause us to have not have peace with God and with others. Worship Leadership provided by Sonya Jacobs and Cynthia Cullen

Global Missions - Sergio Martinez

Join us as Pastor Todd interviews Global Partner, Sergio Martinez from Word of Life as he shares their new adventure in South America and how we can partner with them as they reach students and families in Latin America.