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Current Series

These Three Remain

One of the most familiar chapters in the Bible is 1 Corinthians 13, also called the “Love Chapter.” Paul, inspired by the Holy Spirit, ends this chapter about Christ-like love by writing, “…these three remain: faith, hope and love.” In this series we will discover: why Paul placed these three virtues above all others; how to have bold faith even when we don’t see an answer; how to have hope when all seems hopeless; and most importantly, we’ll learn how to love like Jesus!


What comes to mind when you hear the word “hero”? Many of us think of a hero as a larger than life character like Superman or someone who accomplishes an extraordinary feat. The truth is, any one of us can be a hero. This Sunday, July 4th, we celebrate the everyday heroes in our community and discover how we too can be heroes by simply taking advantage of every opportunity to influence the world around us.

AKA God 2021

Names are extremely important. We see in the Bible that a person’s name wasn’t chosen just because it sounded nice. Instead, a name often symbolized a great promise from God on that person’s life, foretold who they would become, or even defined their character. God’s name isn’t limited to God or Jesus or the Holy Spirit. In fact, the Bible lists more than 80 names for God! Throughout this series, we’ll take a deeper look into four of these names and discover more about who God is and how understanding His character can dramatically transform our lives.

Hidden Figures

While the Bible is full of larger than life figures who did great things for God, there are many who worked “behind the scenes” supporting God’s redemptive story in remarkable ways. These people were a critical part of God’s big picture plan to redeem humanity. In this four-week series, we will learn from the stories of four people in the Bible, and how God can use each and every one of us, no matter your status or position, to make a significant difference in this world.

Raised to Life

Jesus being raised to life… this truth is what gives us HOPE of an eternal life with God in heaven when we die. That is the Easter story. But the story isn’t just about getting your ticket to heaven. Jesus came to give us life, and life in abundance, while we are here on earth! In this series, we’ll look at what it means to live the resurrected life that Jesus died to give us.

Ash Wednesday

Our pastors and worship team will lead us through a time of teaching, worship, and prayer together as we prepare our hearts of Easter.


It is no secret that we find ourselves in the midst of a culture struggle with civility. It’s like we have forgotten how to have healthy dialogues, and we even tend to avoid people who are different from us. In this timely five-week series, Todd will help us discover what the Bible has to say about not just living, but thriving, in a community with others who look, live, and believe differently than we do. Let’s learn together how we can still love well even when we disagree. 

Beauty of the Cross 2021

A special Sunday service filled with worship, prayer, and the opportunity to receive Communion as we begin the New Year.

The Arrival

The world waited for Jesus our Messiah to be born and He came exactly as the prophet Daniel foretold. Jesus arrived with the promise that He would bring hope, peace, love and joy to mankind. That is what we celebrate at Christmas! But there is another arrival that we wait patiently to experience...when Jesus returns to earth as King. Join us as we discover what the Bible has to say about His next arrival and how we can be prepared for His coming.

Life in the Mist

Life can sometimes feel like a long journey and then at other times, it may feel very short. Our path in life can sometimes be clearly seen and at other times, unclear like a foggy day. The “Teacher” of Ecclesiastes has much to say on this matter including powerful words of wisdom that we can apply to our lives. We invite you to join us as we take a journey through this book in the Bible and discover life-changing truths that can bring clarity to how we make choices in our lives.